Notes for a Novel: The Selected Poems of Frieda Fligelman

Notes for a Novel: The Selected Poems of Frieda Fligelman


Alexandra Swaney & Rick Newby, editors

224 pages
ISBN: 0-9769684-1-X


Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Frieda Fligelman may well be one of the most remarkable unknown poets of the early modern West. Fligelman published only a handful of poems during her lifetime, but at her death she left behind a manuscript of 1,200 exceptional poems. Notes for a Novel offers a rich selection of those passionate, witty, and often heartbreaking poems. Educated at Columbia and in Paris during the 1920s, Frieda Fligelman was a suffragist, translator, advocate for human rights, and founder of the discipline of sociolinguistics.

The mind and soul of a progressive woman in the 1920s, Notes for a Novel is enthusiastically recommended.   — Small Press Bookwatch

[Notes for a Novel] bears witness to a western Jewish woman who thought deeply and felt passionately; to the strands of cultural and intellectual electricity in small towns throughout the American West; and to world travelers who find in their natal nests the happiness they’d failed to find elsewhere.    — Harriet Rochlin, author of A Mixed Chorus: Jewish Women in the American West, 1849–1924

[Frieda Fligelman’s] greatest strength as a poet is her ability to project a witty and resilient personality, a strong, singular voice that responds anew to adversity and joy. Her poems exhibit the Fligelman persona in many forms: the critic of civilization, the woman, the isolated individual alone in a room. She sought immortality: in her poetry, she is alive.   — Arnie Malina, recipient, Montana Governor’s Award for the Arts