DRUMLUMMON INSTITUTE WAS PROUD last year to award Montana writer Russell Rowland a $500 grant to help launch his Breakfast in Montana podcast, which has generated quite a buzz. Along with Aaron Parrett, Rowland discusses in each episode two works of Montana literature, one by a living writer, and one by a writer no longer with us.

The lively discussions explore the interesting intersections of history and literary themes as evoked by some of Montana’s (and the larger West’s greatest writers. The website features seven podcasts now, including episodes on Kate Cholewa (Shaking Out the Dead) and Dorothy Johnson (The Hanging Tree), Natalie Peeterse (Black Birds: Blue Horse) and Frieda Fligelman (Notes for a Novel), and David Abrams (Brave Deeds) and Richard K. O’Malley (Mile High Mile Deep). An episode still in the works pairs Mary MacLane (I Await the Devil’s Coming [The Story of Mary MacLane])and Melissa Stephenson (Driven: A White-knuckled Ride to Heartbreak and Back).